I have been organizing and leading teams into Honduras since 2010. Previously I led teams in the U.S. since 2000. Our team travels to Honduras twice per year- once for a medical mission and once for an evangelical/building mission. I also travel to Honduras on occasion to make future arrangements or close loops from previous missions.

Working with the United Methodist Missions has been a wonderful experience over the years. First and foremost because the Honduran people are wonderful, spiritual, and friendly! The country is so very beautiful. It is a wonderful place to serve. You sense God’s presence everywhere in the people of Honduras. Opportunities to join together in mission with the local people abound. There are indeed areas of great financial need but more so there are people looking to walk alongside you in loving service to our God. While perhaps financially impoverished the Honduran people have an abundance of love of God and others. We learn so much from them in regards to faith in the face of struggles and providing for one another. We can bring our talents, skills, abilities, and gifts to Honduras and use them. These are very welcomed and needed to be sure, but we return with so much more than we could ever give. My faith and my relationship with God has been strengthened through my mission work in Honduras. I see it happen all of the time with team members. It is difficult, if not impossible, to remain unchanged while working in mission in Honduras.

The UMVIM team is truly outstanding. They provide support, guidance, and organization to make the mission successful. They also are part of the team. Our team motto has become “One Mission One Team”. This motto encompasses the fact that the team, the local people, the translators, and the mission are all working together pulling in one direction to achieve amazing things- accomplishments that far exceed what we could do on our own. With God blessing this mission I have witnessed phenomenal growth and blessings that are beyond what I could have ever expected.

We will continue to serve in Honduras as long as we are able and God continues to bless this mission.