About Us


The United Methodist Mission in Honduras

Our Mission

Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

Our Vision

To be a culturally relevant Church which witnesses, provides formation, walks with and empowers people.

Our History

Global Ministries started mission work in Honduras in the late 90s initially with missionaries from the Caribbean and eventually, after Hurricane Mitch, with a cadre of native mission pastors and with missionaries from different countries.   The work was originally in the South due to the presence of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas (MCCA) in the Northern Coast and the Islands.  The MCCA has been very supportive in various forms and a couple of United Methodist congregations with large memberships have been notably faithful to the development of the Mission.

Our Current State

The majority of the faith communities have been established in rural areas and among women and children. There are two metropolitan areas covered (Tegucigalpa and, recently, San Pedro Sula). Several congregations were also started at the beginning in a semi-urban area called Danli.  In general, there are three geographical regions covered with 21 congregations in total. A total assistance of the Mission approximates 2,100 with about 900 of the participants being children.

Mission level programs, per se, are limited. The Mission Volunteers work continues strong in the areas of construction (educational building in Danli, Mission offices in Tegucigalpa, etc.) education (Scholarships with a Blessing serving 950 children), environmental ministries (stoves, water and horticulture), health (in coordination with the clinics/posts of the Ministry of Health) and, more recently, economic development (crops and livestock). Some of these efforts are indirectly related to church development but all do help in the support of the Mission.  

There are organizations of Men, Women and Youth but only the Youth are somehow active especially by the support of the Council of Evangelical Methodist Churches in Latin America and the Caribbean and the neighboring Methodist Churches.  Recently, Christian Education resources have been developed and published by Mission leadership.

Most of the native mission pastors are of humble origins and from the local ministries some with experience from other denominations. A good number of the pastors have come from other Methodist Churches: Brazil, Cuba, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Nicaragua and Puerto Rico. The Mission Superintendent and the Bishop carry regular meetings with the pastors and offers one or two annual retreats. The theological formation had been done by the Latin American Biblical University and more recently by a Course of Study School (Basic and Advanced).

Our Address

Iglesia Metodista de Honduras
Colonia La Era
Calle de acceso de tierra atras de La Colonia Maya y atras de la gasolinera Uno del anillo periferico
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, CA

U.S. Address

General Board of Global Ministries of United Methodist Church
Attn: Honduras Mission
458 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30308-1836